Why Vegetarian

Let’s face it. Being a vegetarian can be challenging. While the rewards far outweigh the cons, sometimes day to day life and experiences require some careful consideration. Making the decision to be a vegetarian was an easy one. Continuing to navigate the world of vegetarianism is what I hope to share with my readers through providing thoughtful tips and resources. If you have an affinity for healthy eating and nourishing your body, you are in the right place here at the Dainty Vegetarian.

From a young age I have had a passion for health and food. My fondest memories are exploring our family garden. The variety of plants, and their different life cycles always fascinated me. I loved the myriad of colors and the attention to detail in each plant. I took great pride in taking care of our fruits and vegetables. There is nothing quite like the feeling of harvesting, picking, and prepping these plants to share with my family.

As my cooking skills continued to advance with age, so did my love for living a health conscience life. I took immediate notice of how a nutritious meal had a much more positive impact on health compared to less healthy choices.

Through my continued research and my own experience, I have learned that vegetarianism was the healthy lifestylethat I wanted to embrace, and I am so glad I have! There are times I have fallen off the health wagon, but I firmly know that a plant-based diet is what my body craves and needs. The impact to my health has been astounding, and I love to share the health benefits that can be gained by simple dietary choices.

Through all this trial and error, I have learned so much. The goal of the Dainty Vegetarian is to share some best practices, and ways to make being a vegetarian easy. Through extensive travel I have experienced many different cultures and cities and want to share these experiences with my readers!

Delicious, thoughtful meals are at the core of this blog. If you love to cook for your friends and family, the carnivores in your life will not miss what they are used to normally eating when they taste your meals! The meals I share are focused on plant based, natural foods. I like to share with my readers how these food impact our health and the environment.

I love to touch on creative meals you can prepare that offer variety and nutrition. We all know traveling and eating at restaurants comes with its own set of unique challenges. Many of these challenges can be overcome with the simple tips I share.My goal is to create a lovely community, where collaboration and sharing ideas is welcome to all. Please contact me to share your experience with being a vegetarian, or with healthy eating. I would love to hear your challenges, tips, and ways that you have navigated this lifestyle!