The Three Best Cities to Visit in South Korea

The Three Best Cities to Visit in South Korea

South Korea has been globally known for its production of K-pop and K-drama that has flooded the entertainment business. You can pretty much hear K-pop girl groups like Blackpink all over the radio, and watch an endless amount of Korean movies and tv series’ all over Netflix

Because of this, popularity has grown for this land, and tourism has boomed. But when you do get to South Korea, where do you go first? It’s a huge landmass to cover and you don’t have all day to go everywhere. 

So we’re here to give you a small list of the three best cities to visit in South Korea that is sure to make your trip all the more worth it! 


The vibrant, modern capital city of Seoul will offer the traveler everything that they are looking for with the South Korean experience. It’s the place to go to when you want a little bit of everything here! 

In Seoul, you can enjoy modern-day activities like shopping till you drop, partying all night in the clubs with the locals, or just eating at a fancy restaurant. Some notable places to check out include Hongdae’s chic bars and restaurants, the stylish boutiques of Gangnam, and the shops of Insa Dong

And though this is the pinnacle of modernism in South Korea, there are also some historical landmarks and attractions like the famous Changdeokgung Palace with its Secret Garden, and  Gyeongbokgung Palace which has a traditional and hourly guard changing ceremony much like those at Buckingham Palace


Considered to be the coastal city and cultural heart of South Korea, Gyeongju offers people the chance and opportunity to experience what ancient South Korea was like. 

The best way to learn more about the country’s history is by visiting the National Museums, and in this case, that would be the Gyeongju National Museum. It is home to an endless amount of historical treasures that include the 23-ton Emille Bell that was made in the year AD771. So you can tell they really know how to take care of their heritage. 

But that isn’t all there is to Gyeongju, because here you can also check out other attractions such as the scenic Anapji Pond, Tumuli Park, and the ancient UNESCO World Heritage Listed Bulguk-sa Temple. So go ahead and take your pick! 


The city of Busan is widely known for its breathtaking natural landscapes, most of which you can explore too! From tropical beaches to majestic mountains, and even ancient Buddhist temples, you can see them all for yourselves! 

Not to mention, this city is well known for its delicious seafood and the ever so famous Jigaichi fish market. But if you’re looking to ignite your inner mountaineer then you can also hike to the top of Jangan Mountain. Or if you want to learn more about the country’s religion, then you can also head to the Haedong Yonggung Temple, which overlooks the Sea of Japan


South Korea is well known for many of its great contributions to the entertainment industry. From multiple K-pop songs hitting the charts to Korean movies winning Oscars, there is no doubt that South Korea is one of the most entertaining countries to see. And now, you know exactly where to go when you visit. 

Best Sights to See in Florida.

Disneyland Florida Heat Keys Party

Best Sights to See in Florida.

Florida is such a beautiful and wonderful place to visit in the US. It has the longest coastline in America and actually has two main bodies of water off of each coast, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

But beaches are not the only thing that Florida can offer someone who isn’t from there. It has a wide array of places to visit, and things to do, so if you ever do decide to visit the beautiful state of Florida, here are some of the things you should see while you’re around. 

The Florida Keys. 

A must visit in Florida, if you’ve ever seen the movies Fast and Furious 2 and True Lies, you’ll be very familiar with this place. It is a 120-mile long chain of tropical islands that curve around the base of the Florida peninsula. They’re islands connected by bridges that help with traveling without the usage of boats.

And the longest of these bridges is called the Seven Mile Bridge which is a spectacle in itself already. But that is not all there is to the Florida Keys, as these group of islands is actually categorized by the upper, middle, and lower keys. The upper keys are where most tourists will find sights to see and accommodations. The middle and lower keys are for more of that quiet and sound atmosphere that is sure to help settle the mood for you and your family. 


Yes, Orlando, the theme park city. There is no way you would be visiting Florida without ever dropping by one of the liveliest cities in the country! Orlando is a city full of family-friendly theme parks for everybody to enjoy. Nicknamed the Sunbelt City, you will barely experience any thunderstorms happening around here. And if you stick around, you might even catch a game or two of the Orlando Magic.

Speaking of magic, if your kids ever want to see or feel something magical, then what better place to go to than Disneyland! Yes, in the heart of Orlando is the famous Disneyland that has brought kids and adults together for generations. And that isn’t all, besides Disneyland, there’s also Universal Studios and Sea World if you ever want to visit the other main theme parks around! 

The hotels around Disneyland are home to some of the best indoor and outdoor pools! And its incredible how well the pool service professionals take care of the pools around there. They are almost always clean, free of spots and stains, have a beautiful color, all the tile is in excellent condition, and the waterfalls going into the pool are spectacular.

If you and your kids love swimming in a swimming pool, the hotels around Disneyland have some of the best pools around.


We all know about this city. Whether it be by pop culture, the basketball team, or by word of mouth, Miami is a staple in Florida and there are more than enough reasons as to why. This place is one of the most vibrant cities in the whole of the USA and has one of the hottest night lives for all of you party animals. This city is a melting point because of how many tourists it gets, and because of this, it is actually one of the most diverse cities out there! So if you want to get that nice suntan and then head over to the nearest bar for a wild night with your friends, then Miami is the best place for you. 


Although this list is pretty short, it is already more than enough to make sure your stay in Florida is well worth the trouble! So if ever you’re around, you can head to the theme parked city, Miami Vice, or enjoy a nice stay in the Florida Keys. 

4 Best Bicycle Trails in Indianapolis


Monon Bike Trail

When one is cycling, your performance is based not only your endurance, speed, or stamina, or even your bike you’ve so carefully polished and adjusted to your taste. What one should also consider when cycling is the road or trail you’re riding on. Because who wants to ride on a trail that your bike is not built for? Or a road that’s too busy to cycle in or one that just isn’t well done and has tons of bumps and cracks on it? Any experienced cyclists will tell you to choose a trail that’s smooth and not that busy. But where can you find these trails? Well, this article will tell you exactly where in Indianapolis you can ride your bike the best and perform to your utmost peak. 

The first trail that most people and cyclists will always recommend is the Monon Bike Trail. This extremely long trail is one of the most famous in Indianapolis, and possibly the country. And though it may be pretty busy because of how famous it is, it is still a solid road to cycle on. The trails goes from 161st street and all the way through the Westfield/Carmel area. And though some parts of this trial have wooden floors and are often quiet, others are a lot busier and should be taken into consideration. 

But you will be able to go through some parks, along with a water park and a fitness complex. These should serve as landmarks should you ever get lost along the trail. Other memorable areas include the Arts and Design District in Carmel, a skate park and the Clay Terrace Shoppes

Next on this list is the Cultural Trail. Now, this trail has a lot more landmarks or places to remember going by than the previous one. The eight-mile trail runs through multiple districts of downtown Indianapolis, filled with a lively and entertaining vibe. That’s because of places like Mass Ave. or the Canal Area. And if you’re feeling artsy while cycling, you can check out some of the pieces there such as Ann Dancing by Julian Opie and the Glick Peace Walk. 

But if you enjoy nature, trees, and just an overall grounded setting when cycling, then the Fall Creek Trail is the best option for you. This road has loads of wildlife for you to enjoy, with three miles in total, you are sure to get a treat riding through this trail. But if you want to extend your ride, you can go through six more miles going through Fort Harrison, which will then lead all the way to the Monon trail. 

And finally, a trail that is a bit off the grid, the Penny Trail is one that you would consider riding through if you really want to take your time alone or with a few friends. It’s known to be part of an idea to connect the eastern and western parts of Indiana together. And more than that, this trail actually has multiple sections, of which are all pretty lengthy but overall enjoyable. 
Now, with these trails available to you, you can now enjoy cycling through either the busy streets of Indiana or through the lush nature. The choice, ultimately falls unto you. Enjoy your ride!

Benefits of Working From Your House as a Virtual Assistant



In this time and age, it’s become much easier to work from home. Some companies even outsource remote admin assistance, which is good if you’re in the business because a lot of companies are looking for people to fill these jobs. In this article, we discuss the benefits of being a home-based virtual assistant.

Benefits of Home-based VA’s: 

  • More time: When you work from home, you no longer have to spend hours on your commute to and from your office. This also allows you to maximize the amount of work you get done since you don’t commute and more rest time.
  • Bigger savings: Since your job is home-based, you no longer have to spend on commuting, meals, or even clothes for your office. Of course, keep in mind that working from home can also have some downsides. It’s good to manage your funds and your time to have effective work pace.
  • More comfortable: If you’re not one to socialize or you prefer to keep to yourself when at the office, then you may benefit a lot from working at home. You should be careful not to get lazy though. 

Of course, we can’t list the benefits without listing some of the challenges that comes with being a home-based virtual assistant. Transitioning from a regular office-based job comes with its own set of challenges that you should prepare yourself for.

Challenges of Home-based VA’s:

  • Higher electricity bills: When you work online and you do work long hours, you can expect that the electricity bill will be quite high. Of course, since you’ve cut on the cost of commuting, outdoor meals, and clothes shopping, then if might be easier for you to budget how much you spend on bills and then budget everything else accordingly.
  • No social life: Being a home-based employee means that most socialization you get is an occasional Skype call from your boss and some emails. It can be quite lonely, but since you have your time in your hands, you can always hang out with some of your old friends in their free time. 
  • Discipline: This is a crucial factor when you work from home. Often times, hiring companies entice you with the comfort of working from home. However, you have to remember that work, whether it’s at home or in an office needs to be accomplished. When you work from home, it’s important to practice self-discipline.


Transitioning from an office to your home isn’t going to be easy. There are a lot of adjustments to be made. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll see just how easy it can be. These are some of the benefits of being a home-based virtual assistant.

Creative Ways to Order Vegetarian at Nonvegetarian Restaurants


vegatarian food at a restaurant

Years ago, eating vegetarian meant having to settle for a salad and in some cases that meant a few pieces of lettuce that didn’t look pretty enough to make it onto a burger. Nowadays, vegetarian options are much more prevalent and even have entire restaurants dedicated to the cause.

However, not all of our friends share the same lifestyle as us, which can make getting together for dinner somewhat difficult. By making a few educated choices, and with the help of some tips we are going to provide for you in this article, you will soon be able to navigate any restaurant in this carnivore world.

Before you go out.

Before you even leave home, you should always check the menu if you have the time. Never be afraid to call the restaurant ahead of time to see if the chef can accommodate you. It is also important to ask your server about your did. Some questions you might think to ask are: “what was this food fried in?”, “does this dish contain any eggs or dairy (if you are a vegan)?” and “would it be possible to sub out this meat item for a vegetable item?.”

If you are a very strict vegetarian or vegan, please keep in mind that many restaurants will cook a vegetarian dish in the same pan/ area where they cook meat. If this bothers you, this is another question you will want to ask the restaurant on whether they can accommodate or not, prior to getting there and being disappointed.


For the most part, Chinese restaurants offer a lot of vegetarian options. In fact, a lot of the time dishes can have the meat substituted for tofu. Just be sure to double check if the dish was cooked in fish or oyster sauce.

Try: fried rice (without eggs if you’re vegan), chow mein, eggplant tofu, mapo tofu, stir-fried veggies, fresh soy milk, tofu and vegetables, and veggie dumplings, vegetable spring rolls, vegetable dumplings, vegetable soups, vegetable fried rice, vegetable noodle dishes, and beancurd are all great options.


Eating vegetarian at Mexican restaurants sounds hard but can definitely be done. First and foremost, you need to make sure that the tortillas weren’t cooked in lard and that the rice wasn’t cooked in chicken stock.

As long as it’s all clear there, feel free to order a burrito or taco without the meat (or cheese if you are vegan). Salsa, guacamole, chipotle sauce, tortilla chips, vegetable or bean burritos, rice, vegetable tacos, vegetable fajita, and vegetable chimichanga’s are all popular vegetarian/ vegan options that you can probably get at any Mexican restaurant you go to.


Italian food is notorious for being covered in dairy, with all of the sauce and extra parm people tend to add. Next time you go out for some Italian, see if the following are on your menu: Bruschetta, grilled artichokes, bean salads, olives, bread with olive oil and balsamic, salads, pasta with marinara sauce (most pasta’s don’t contain eggs, so just ask to be sure), vegetable pizzas with no cheese.

If you’re vegan, make sure your dish doesn’t contain eggs or dairy and make sure your server doesn’t sprinkle any parm on it either.


It’s easiest to stick to sides when you go out for American style food. Luckily, you can eat as many fries as you want! You can also include veggie dogs, veggie burgers, onion rings, and potato wedges in your meal as well. Just make sure to ask your waiter what they fried their potatoes in.


Thai food is another Asian cuisine that can easily be vegetarian or vegan. In fact, meat is often a very small aspect of the dish and the flavor won’t be altered if you take it out.

Double check with your waiter that there isn’t any fish sauce that went into cooking your meal, and you are pretty much good to go! You can get spring rolls, fried mushrooms, Thai curry, Thai mushroom salad, Green Papaya Salad or Som-Tam, Clear (or Glass) Noodles, Tom Yum Mushroom Soup, Tom Kha Mushroom Soup, and vegetable soup.

The Challenges of Eating Vegetarian



vegetarian plate of food - avacado

When you have a lifestyle change, there’s always going to be an adjustment period. When you live all your life eating meat, shifting to a vegetarian diet isn’t always easy. For some, it’s almost impossible to find a restaurant that serves vegetarian meals, because some people think that white meat is still a vegetarian ingredient. While, some cases suffer from diseases because of a lack of iron or even protein in the diet.

These are some of the struggles of being a vegetarian. However, it’s not all bad. We hope that this article will help you balance the pros and cons before you become a vegetarian, or are new at being a vegetarian.

Types of Vegetarian Diets:

Of course, being a vegetarian doesn’t mean just eating vegetables. There are variations to this diet that you can choose from to cater to your needs.

  • Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians: These vegetarians are the general type. They still consume eggs and milks but have cut off most of the meat out of their diet. This is the most common type of vegetarian. However, people who eat only eggs and not dairy are considered ovo-vegetarians, while people who only consume dairy products and not eggs are lacto-vegetarians.
  • Vegans: The vegan diet consists of no meat, dairy, eggs, or any animal products whatsoever; including gelatin. This is a stricter diet than the ovo-lacto vegetarian, and is considered the most difficult. Aside from that, there are some negative connotations to being a vegan, however, if you prefer the lifestyle, then outside opinions should not affect you much.
  • Raw Vegans: Raw vegans follow a more rigid set of rules than regular vegans. Aside from not consuming any animal products, they also avoid eating cooked food. This stems from the ideology that cooking food destroys some of the nutrients. They mostly consume smoothies, juices, legumes, dried fruits, grains, and nut butters.
  • Pescetarians: This diet is comprised of people that avoid eating meat but still consume fish and poultry. For some, they don’t consider pescetarians as true vegetarians; however, fish-eaters consider themselves as so because this diet is not familiar to most people.
  • Flexitarians: These people are also known as semi-vegetarians. Their diet is majorly plant-based, however, they still eat some meat. Pescetarians are included in this list, as they still consume mostly fish, as well as pollotarians that consume only chicken and not fish.

Key Takeaways:

Whether or not it is your first time being a vegetarian, or are planning to shift. It’s important to consider all the factors that may affect your health. Being a vegetarian does have its own benefits, however, there is a lot to think about.

Being a vegetarian is going to be a big shift if you’ve lived most of your life eating meat. But it’s good to keep some of the challenges in mind so you know what you are going into. It is a big leap, so read up on the struggles of having a vegetarian diet.