4 Best Bicycle Trails in Indianapolis


Monon Bike Trail

When one is cycling, your performance is based not only your endurance, speed, or stamina, or even your bike you’ve so carefully polished and adjusted to your taste. What one should also consider when cycling is the road or trail you’re riding on. Because who wants to ride on a trail that your bike is not built for? Or a road that’s too busy to cycle in or one that just isn’t well done and has tons of bumps and cracks on it? Any experienced cyclists will tell you to choose a trail that’s smooth and not that busy. But where can you find these trails? Well, this article will tell you exactly where in Indianapolis you can ride your bike the best and perform to your utmost peak. 

The first trail that most people and cyclists will always recommend is the Monon Bike Trail. This extremely long trail is one of the most famous in Indianapolis, and possibly the country. And though it may be pretty busy because of how famous it is, it is still a solid road to cycle on. The trails goes from 161st street and all the way through the Westfield/Carmel area. And though some parts of this trial have wooden floors and are often quiet, others are a lot busier and should be taken into consideration. 

But you will be able to go through some parks, along with a water park and a fitness complex. These should serve as landmarks should you ever get lost along the trail. Other memorable areas include the Arts and Design District in Carmel, a skate park and the Clay Terrace Shoppes

Next on this list is the Cultural Trail. Now, this trail has a lot more landmarks or places to remember going by than the previous one. The eight-mile trail runs through multiple districts of downtown Indianapolis, filled with a lively and entertaining vibe. That’s because of places like Mass Ave. or the Canal Area. And if you’re feeling artsy while cycling, you can check out some of the pieces there such as Ann Dancing by Julian Opie and the Glick Peace Walk. 

But if you enjoy nature, trees, and just an overall grounded setting when cycling, then the Fall Creek Trail is the best option for you. This road has loads of wildlife for you to enjoy, with three miles in total, you are sure to get a treat riding through this trail. But if you want to extend your ride, you can go through six more miles going through Fort Harrison, which will then lead all the way to the Monon trail. 

And finally, a trail that is a bit off the grid, the Penny Trail is one that you would consider riding through if you really want to take your time alone or with a few friends. It’s known to be part of an idea to connect the eastern and western parts of Indiana together. And more than that, this trail actually has multiple sections, of which are all pretty lengthy but overall enjoyable. 
Now, with these trails available to you, you can now enjoy cycling through either the busy streets of Indiana or through the lush nature. The choice, ultimately falls unto you. Enjoy your ride!