Best Sights to See in Florida.

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Best Sights to See in Florida.

Florida is such a beautiful and wonderful place to visit in the US. It has the longest coastline in America and actually has two main bodies of water off of each coast, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

But beaches are not the only thing that Florida can offer someone who isn’t from there. It has a wide array of places to visit, and things to do, so if you ever do decide to visit the beautiful state of Florida, here are some of the things you should see while you’re around. 

The Florida Keys. 

A must visit in Florida, if you’ve ever seen the movies Fast and Furious 2 and True Lies, you’ll be very familiar with this place. It is a 120-mile long chain of tropical islands that curve around the base of the Florida peninsula. They’re islands connected by bridges that help with traveling without the usage of boats.

And the longest of these bridges is called the Seven Mile Bridge which is a spectacle in itself already. But that is not all there is to the Florida Keys, as these group of islands is actually categorized by the upper, middle, and lower keys. The upper keys are where most tourists will find sights to see and accommodations. The middle and lower keys are for more of that quiet and sound atmosphere that is sure to help settle the mood for you and your family. 


Yes, Orlando, the theme park city. There is no way you would be visiting Florida without ever dropping by one of the liveliest cities in the country! Orlando is a city full of family-friendly theme parks for everybody to enjoy. Nicknamed the Sunbelt City, you will barely experience any thunderstorms happening around here. And if you stick around, you might even catch a game or two of the Orlando Magic.

Speaking of magic, if your kids ever want to see or feel something magical, then what better place to go to than Disneyland! Yes, in the heart of Orlando is the famous Disneyland that has brought kids and adults together for generations. And that isn’t all, besides Disneyland, there’s also Universal Studios and Sea World if you ever want to visit the other main theme parks around! 

The hotels around Disneyland are home to some of the best indoor and outdoor pools! And its incredible how well the pool service professionals take care of the pools around there. They are almost always clean, free of spots and stains, have a beautiful color, all the tile is in excellent condition, and the waterfalls going into the pool are spectacular.

If you and your kids love swimming in a swimming pool, the hotels around Disneyland have some of the best pools around.


We all know about this city. Whether it be by pop culture, the basketball team, or by word of mouth, Miami is a staple in Florida and there are more than enough reasons as to why. This place is one of the most vibrant cities in the whole of the USA and has one of the hottest night lives for all of you party animals. This city is a melting point because of how many tourists it gets, and because of this, it is actually one of the most diverse cities out there! So if you want to get that nice suntan and then head over to the nearest bar for a wild night with your friends, then Miami is the best place for you. 


Although this list is pretty short, it is already more than enough to make sure your stay in Florida is well worth the trouble! So if ever you’re around, you can head to the theme parked city, Miami Vice, or enjoy a nice stay in the Florida Keys.